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How To Maintain Your Garage Door Correctly

How To Maintain Your Garage Door Correctly – Tips

The garage is an often overlooked area of the home because homeowners do not spend as much time in there as they do other parts of the house. Periodic maintenance of your garage door will allow you to catch problems before they get bigger. These units have both large and small moving parts that should be checked at least three to four times a year. Using the following steps, or having a professional check your door, will help ensure that it is kept in top operating shape.

1. Lubricate the important parts of the door

Use a spray lubricant such as: silicone or lithium grease based lubricants that are specifically made for these units. Take care to spray the springs, the rollers and the hinges. Do not use WD-40 or oil these are not recommended because they will lead to the accumulation of dirt and dust, which will gum up your door after a few months. Door grease may also be available and can be applied using a rag.

2. Check the steel cables

Worn or frayed steel cables should be replaced as soon as possible. If you find that your steel cables are worn or frayed, don’t attempt to replace them yourself. The tension might be so tight it could cause serious injury if you are not an expert. Call a repair specialist to do the job for you.

3. Check that the bolts are tight

A loose bolt can make your door wiggle and, possibly, accidentally fall on your car. This is not something you would like to happen, so inspect the bolts, screws and other fasteners and tighten them if necessary. It is prudent to inspect all hardware and moving parts for excessive wear and damage. Check all fasteners and look for loose parts. If you can tighten the parts that have come loose you will be able to avoid further damage to the unit.

4. Check the spring system

Springs are very simple parts that also need maintenance. Rusty or worn out springs will not work very well and can cause you a lot of problems. Check the springs. They have a specific tension. If they seem very tight or somewhat saggy you may need to replace them. There are many kinds of spring systems used, and you should check with the manufacturer on how to maintain your specific spring system.

5. Check your door’s balance

You can check your door’s balance by pulling the emergency release on the door while it’s closed. After that, you need to lift the door to the height of your waist and it should stay that way. If it falls to the ground, then you need to add tension to the springs. If it flies open, then the tension on the springs needs to be lessened. Maintenance is not very hard, it just needs to be periodically done.


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