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7 Things to Know Before Buying a Garage Door

We came across the following article on the web and felt it would be worth sharing with our readers.  It truly is food for thought if you are considering replacing your garage door or getting a new garage built.  It may be something y0u would like to discuss with our trained garage Cranbourne experts.


7 Things to Know Before Buying a Garage Door

From the snowy hush of winter in the mountains to the bustling streets of their ever-growing entrepreneurial cites, Cranbourne is a perfect combination of adventurous, Old-West spirit and trendsetting innovation. This blend of old and new can be seen not only in the style of homes, but garage doors. Cranbourne homeowners, for example, look for garage doors that are both well insulated against those cold, but modern in design and functionality with a good range of styles to choose from.

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Consider These Tips Before Purchasing Your Garage Door

Whether you live in Cranbourne or Narre Warren or Dandenong, garage doors are a significant investment for any home. a garage door authority known as nation serve has put together a checklist of seven things every homeowner, regardless of where they live, should consider before purchasing a garage door:

1. What Do You Want to Use The Garage For?

At first glance this question seems like a no-brainer. Garage doors are for securing your garage, right? But think about what you use your garage for. Do you simply store your vehicles in it at night? Is it a space that becomes a home for your ATV, snowmobile, or boat in the off-seasons? Has it become a home for pet projects or an office for your home-based business or even a gym?

Knowing what you’re going to be using your garage for can help determine the type of door it needs. If you’re just using it for storage, good insulation is needed, of course, but not the kind with a high R-Value level required for a garage that’s going to be occupied year-round.

2. Know Your Design and Color Choices

Not sure how a certain garage door style or color will look on your home? Make sure you can see samples before making a decision. Most garage door manufacturers have websites with plenty of photos of their products that you can compare and contrast. You are sure to find images of garage doors in different designs, styles, textures, and colors as well as see examples of garage doors with windows and unique hardware.


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Visit a NationServe showroom to talk to a team of garage door experts or make use of our online design center to help you find the perfect door.

3. New Garage Door, New Opener

Don’t let an old, malfunctioning garage door opener ruin your new, sleek and modern garage door. Get a new garage door opener at the same time you get your new door. NationServe has a large selection of garage door openers from Genie® and LiftMaster®. These openers are designed for convenience and functionality, making them easy to operate, but powerful enough to withstand frequent use.

5. Get Professional Installation

Do-it-yourself projects are tempting, especially when at first glance it looks like you could save some money. However, installing a garage door requires experience and skill to ensure the door is installed safely and correctly. Special tools are also required to properly and safely wind the garage door’s spring. Garage door springs are wound tightly and can cause serious injury if tampered with. It’s important to contact the professionals for help to ensure your safety and to get the job done right the first time.

Hiring a garage door professional for your garage door installation can save you a lot of stress. The job will be done properly by experts who have the tools and knowledge for a safe and efficient installation. Furthermore, you have someone you can call if something goes wrong.

6. Improve Garage Door Operation with Annual Maintenance

Your garage door spring controls the ease and speed at which your garage door operates. Standard torsion springs are rated to provide about 10,000 cycles over the lifespan of your garage. With average use, 10,000 cycles means your spring can endure approximately five years, depending on usage. That’s not a lot of time considering the kind of investment it takes to install and maintain a garage door. By getting your garage door serviced every year, you will have the peace of mind that your door will work when you need it the most. Planned maintenance can also help extend the life of your garage door.

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7. Should You Add Windows?

Adding windows to your garage door can increase the light in your garage’s interior while also boosting overall curb appeal. But it’s important to remember just what you’re planning on using your garage for before considering windows as a design option. If your garage is going to be heated, insulated glass windows are a must to maintain energy efficiency. If you’re using your garage for important storage, you might want to go windowless or at least install opaque glass in the top panels of the garage door.

8. Reduce Noise with Special Features

Do you have an attached garage? Is there a bedroom above it? Investing in a garage door made with insulation and nylon rollers can help reduce noise. The insulation will dampen vibrations caused by the door’s operation while the nylon rollers are simply quieter than steel. Getting a new garage door opener at the same time as your garage door? Try a new opener with a belt drive since they are usually quieter than other types.

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Garage Door Installation & Maintenance Tips You Should Know

When it comes to garage doors, we’ve thought of everything. Not only do we carry a wide selection of residential garage doors and commercial overhead doors for new installation and replacement, but we help protect your investment with routine maintenance and repairs. We offer everything from balancing, tuning, and lubricating services to broken spring replacements, sensor alignments, and safety inspections.

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