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Factors To Consider When Choosing An Automatic Garage Door

Factors To Consider When Choosing An Automatic Garage Door


The following article was sourced online as it provides some valuable insights into what to be careful of when choosing an automatic garage door.

There was a time when garage doors were only installed for convenience. Not anymore. Today, doors for garage are installed for reasons ranging from safety, peace of mind, comfort, and need. When choosing automatic garage doors for your home, here are a few factors that you need to keep in mind:

Kind of drive system

Automatic garage doors normally have a system that allows you to control your door for garage, which can be adjusted at the point of installation, or later. Mostly will be connected to the main power supply switch with battery back up in case of power failure.

Drive system for automated doors for garage include: screw-drive system, chain-drive system, and computer-controlled mechanism. In the screw-drive system, which is normally fixed on the garage ceiling, a lifting apparatus moves the door’s steel rod.

Automatic Garage Door Selection:

On the other hand, the chain-drive system, the most affordable way of operating doors for garage, has a metal chain that pushes or pulls down the door. Meanwhile, no screws or chains are required for the computer-controlled system. This system is recommended for garages with low headroom as it provides more ceiling space for storage purposes.

Power consumption

Most drive system for automatic garage doors require low voltage to operate the door. However, you also have to consider the power consumption of the door when the unit is on standby mode. There are operators that have transformers that can offer you considerable savings in running costs. Search for doors with those transformers.

In addition, select a motor with enough power to lift open your door. Normally, large motors last longer. Look for motors with soft start and stop, as they minimize the wear and tear of doors. Soft start and stop motors operate more quietly and are therefore beneficial if you have heavy doors.


Expensive doors for garage open much faster than the average ones, thus cutting down your waiting time on the street or driveway.

Safety and security

If someone or something suddenly obstructs the door, it is important that the motor can be stopped immediately to prevent further damage or injuries. Automatic garage doors, as mandated by safety regulations, normally reverses when they hit something. This safety sensor is triggered by an electronic beam, which can detect and compensate depending on the conditions. This feature translates to additional cost on your part but then again, it is the safety of your family, house, and belongings that are at stake here.

For security purposes, automatic garage doors use random codes, which help prevent copying and duplicating your security code. Every time a remote is used to open the door, a unique random password is generated.


Some models of doors for garage have security light that automatically switches on when you turn on the system. The light is long enough to let you step out of your vehicle and enter your house before it goes out. Some doors have switches on the remote so you can turn the light on without the need to open the door.

When buying automatic garage door for your home, keep these things in mind before you make a purchase.  Feel free to contact us for any questions

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